Educating staff and learners in the Brits District in a Christian environment to produce optimum Christian character, using a high-level curriculum to develop body, mind, soul and spirit


To enable staff and students at Rabboni Christian School to apply their full potential and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  To prepare them body, mind, soul and spirit for their future.  To be an influence on likeminded people, schools and organizations through fellowship, friendship, service and in all things be imitators of Jesus Christ.

Rabboni Private Christian School opened its doors on 17 January 1995 with 84 students, from Grade 0 to Grade 12.  There were eight students in Grade 12.  The school started with twelve, accomplished qualified and inspired teachers with Mr. Han Sipsma as the headmaster of the school.

Mrs. Morag Askham gave the school its name “Rabboni” from John 20:16 and composed the school song.  Rabboni means “Master”  or “Teacher”.  Mrs.  Petro Booysen designed the school badge with the motto “Serving the Master”. 

The aim of the school is training learners for effective Christian living.  We always try to maintain the Christian character of this school.  A spirit of love, cooperation, discipline and hard work gives us the ideal foundation for true, meaningful Christian education.  The medium of teaching is English and students of all races are welcome.

Classrooms were initially in the house where Oom Han and Tannie  Martie Sipsma live, as well as under the trees.  The first classrooms to be built were the Grade 1 classrooms and at a later stage the ablution block as well as the crèche area was developed.  Since then the building projects have not ended.

The Lord is our Provider and we thank Him for His faithful undertaking over the years and in the future.  We as leaders and the teachers would like to remind you, that we don’t want to portray only the authority figure, but you can always come to us if you need any kind of help.  We will go out of our way to help you. 

We hope that you’ll feel at home and be part of the Rabboni family.