For 29 Years of God's Grace, Educating Christ's Way (Since 1995)


Educating staff and learners in the Madibeng District in a Christian environment to produce optimum Christian character using highly equipped curriculum to develop body, mind, spirit and soul through an inter-phased, Christ-centred Biblical Worldview. Daily prayer, worship and Bible studies by means of a spiritual formation programme. Encouraging spiritual growth through assemblies, integrated Biblical class teaching, camps, choir festivals, prayer groups, Bible Quiz tests and outreach team.Trusting for the guidance and council of the Holy Spirit. Maintaining a high level of excellence in discipline, personal neatness and respect. Continuous assessment of performance. Employing qualified Christian Education


SwitchedOn is a leading world-class, comprehensive digital Christian Curriculum for students in Grade 3 through to Grade 12. Its outcome at the end of Grade 12 is an Internationally Accredited High School Diploma, Cambridge Diploma or a BTEC. SwitchedOn facilitates five core subject areas: Bible, Language and Art, Math, Science, History and Geography, with a list of 50 diverse electives also available. These are not only interactive, but provide instruction based on a Biblical Worldview and allow the student to discover their passion in life and give them clear vocational guidance before they go to university.

Biblical Worldview

Our Qualifications


Rabboni Christian School (RCS) introduced Projects Based Learning (PBL) as part of its curriculum in 2018 through a pilot project. The success of 2018 led to the school opening a second studio in 2019. Studio education is the process where learning happens on the principle of work by learning and learn by working. PBL focusses on creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurial development and other 21st century skills.

To add value to this process RCS introduced SwitchedOn Education (SOE). SOE is an online Christian curriculum that is integrated with PBL and offers 2 international exit qualifications, thus making Rabboni a truly international school.

 SOE focusses on the mastering of concepts and concentrates on individualised and personalised learning interfaced with higher order thinking.

In 2023 Rabboni will be introducing a third international exit qualification through SOE and in Partnership with Pearson International in the form of a BTEC Advanced Level 3 Diploma. The BTEC qualification is a career directed study course preparing students for the marketplace as well aligning it with their choice of study at an Institute of Higher Education.

Our Three Academic Exits

Advanced High School Diploma

This international matric diploma is based on a 24-credit system where students already start to work for their exit in Gr 9. Each year they achieve 6 credits building towards their exit. Through SOE the student works on 5 basic subjects with the option of over 200 additional electives. This qualification is recommended at students that want to pursue careers in higher academic programs at university.


SwitchedOn Education is accredited by Cognia as an international digital, curriculum provider. Cognia is the parent organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). COGNIA is a global non-profit working in over 80 countries, with 36,000 institutions that serve and support nearly 25 million students and five million educators every day. COGNIA serves as a trusted partner in advancing learning for all. (

Cambridge AS Diploma Level

This exit is well-known in South Africa and students can choose to register and write the Cambridge Exit exams after completing their formal curriculum on the SOE platform. The diploma is awarded by the British Council of Education. This qualification is recommended for students that want to pursue careers in higher academic programs at university.

Pearson BTEC International Extended Diploma

Pearson BTEC is a career directed qualification with vocational training and development as focus. The advanced level 3 program is a NQF level 4 exit equivalent to 3 A Levels (Cambridge) thus giving the student an option of entering the market place or studying at a university. Areas of learning will be as follows:

  • Art and Design,
  • Business,
  • Creative Media Production,
  • Engineering,
  • Hospitality,
  • IT,
  • Land-based Industries,
  • Music,
  • Performing Arts,
  • Sport,
  • Travel and Tourism.


Staff 1996

Rabboni Private Christian School opened its doors on 17 January 1995 with 84 students, from Grade 0 to Grade 12. There were eight students in Grade 12. The school started with twelve, accomplished qualified and inspired teachers with Mr. Han Sipsma as the headmaster of the school. Mrs. Morag Askham gave the school its name “Rabboni” from John 20:16 and composed the school song. Rabboni means “Master” or “Teacher”. Mrs. Petro Booysen designed the school badge with the motto “Serving the Master”.

The aim of the school is training learners for effective Christian living. We always try to maintain the Christian character of this school. A spirit of love, cooperation, discipline and hard work gives us the ideal foundation for true, meaningful Christian education. The medium of teaching is English and students of all races are welcome.

Classrooms were initially in the house where Oom Han and Tannie Martie Sipsma live, as well as under the trees. The first classrooms to be built were the Grade 1 classrooms and at a later stage the ablution block as well as the crèche area was developed. Since then the building projects have not ended.

The Lord is our Provider and we thank Him for His faithful undertaking over the years and in the future. We as leaders and the teachers would like to remind you, that we don’t want to portray only the authority figure, but you can always come to us if you need any kind of help. We will go out of our way to help you.

Message From Principal


We at Rabboni believe that the word of God is the foundation of all and the only truth that exists. We strive to develop young adults according to a Biblical worldview, to equip them to be steadfast leaders and make a difference in our community. That is the reason why our 4 pillars are: The Word, Prayer, Education and Outreach. Our Values are: Faith, Unity, Diligence, Compassion and Respect. We are a combined School with a small crèche and going up to gr 12. We do not discriminate against race, gender or religion. But please take note, we will do our utmost best to train your child to become a Christian, following a Biblical worldview. Quality, committed Christian educators forms our taskforce. Currently we write the NCS examination. We participate, and form part of the SACSSA (South African Christian Schools Sports Association) sports league. We also participate in the local sports league. Soccer, Netball, Rugby, athletics, chess, choir, public speaking, Dramatic Arts, etc. are some of our extra-curricular activities. Please come visit, and enjoy a cup of coffee with us.

Much Blessings

Cobus Sipsma

0om Cobus Sipsma: Principal