An aftercare facility for crèche up to grade 6 learners at the crèche grounds is provided for those learners who require supervision after school. The hours are from 14h20 till 17h00 p.m. The cost is additional and is added to the school fee account. A meal is provided as well as homework and playground supervision.


We believe that the parent is the primary caregiver and therefore the crèche works hand in hand with the parents to ensure that we have happy, emotionally sound and highly stimulated children. Our curriculum is Biblically based and includes music, drama and story ring times with ample physical movement and group work. As you walk from class to class you will hear plenty of giggles and endless questions. You will hear little voices reciting poetry and will be enchanted with the way they recite English, Afrikaans and Tswana poems. They will delight you with their acting ability. They are not afraid to get up on the large stage in the school hall and present their annual concert to adoring family members.

Every Friday during chapel sessions they listen to Bible stories and watch a puppet show and partake in a fancy dress Fun day. They enjoy their talks on healthy eating and get their hands dirty and their hair full of flour when they bake and create food items. They participate in the annual Arts and Culture inter-Christian school festival. Outside service providers present weekly Monkeynastics, Hip Hop dance and Ballet lessons. We fill their empty stomachs with a delicious balanced, cooked meal and snack every day.

After they have eaten, they enjoy our large playground which caters for their gross and fine motor skill development. They climb, swing, jump and balance as they play under the shade of the huge trees. They keenly participate in the annual athletics but the hardest instruction for them to obey is keeping within their track line! The spectators and family fans are heard screaming and jeering for their little sprinters and everyone is giving a hug for a job well done.

As they lay their sweet heads down for their daily time of rest, we thank the Lord for their precious lives and trust that as they grow and learn that Jesus will be the One they strive to be like. At the end of the year we sadly say goodbye to our Grade R learners and are proud to see them move on to our Grade one class in the primary school. Our hope is that one day we will see them graduate from Rabboni’s grade 12 class.

Primary School

Every day is a new and exciting challenge in the Primary school for the dedicated Foundation Phase staff who take care of the little children, while the Intermediate staff mentor the teenagers. We firmly believe in positive affirmation and reward excellence in work and servanthood on a daily basis. Not a day goes by when a learner will stop an educator and proudly display the merit or star acquired and this is further rewarded with yet another hug and a “well done”.

Twelve grade 6 leaders are chosen each year. Those selected are willing to take instruction, can be entrusted with responsibility and authority and demonstrate a love for school and their peers. Their duties are varied and the staff encourage them to bring their ideas and concerns to the table. They meet for prayer twice a week as a leadership group and we have seen God move in their lives.

Once a week the primary school gathers in the school hall for an exciting chapel time where we worship our God together with movement and song. A teacher shares a message with an activity to inspire them to live their lives for Jesus. Every term the learners write a Bible Quiz test and the Top 5 are rewarded with a special treat. Our weekly cultural activities are a mixture of choir, dance, poetry and chess. P.T. lessons incorporate gross and fine motor movements and include preparing for participation in competitive sport. The children love the time on our spacious multi-purpose fields practising for athletics, soccer, mini cricket, netball matches and cross country competitions.

Seasonal swimming lessons are presented at an extra cost and well worth considering as the young child is taught to float and swim. Ballet and Drama lessons are also offered by outside service providers. The Reading Rocket computer lesson is enjoyed by all and the excitement builds with each lesson as they learn to master the ‘mouse’ and explore drawing and creating on the computer.

Once a year we participate in the Christian schools arts and culture festival where their works of art are displayed, they recite poetry and present Christian creative dance. It is an exciting time for the learners to showcase their talents. Every child God brings to our school is precious to us and our staff are fully aware of the great responsibility we have in laying a solid academic and spiritual foundation.

High School

It is a privilege to be used by God to instil Christian values into the lives of our high school learners each and every day. This we do each morning in the register period where we discuss passages read out of the Bible. At the end of the term their Bible knowledge is put to the test with a Bible Quiz and the Top 5 scorers are rewarded. The school seeks to be a school of prayer and encourages prayer during breaks.

The grade 12 leaders are chosen after a stringent interview process and are learners who have demonstrated exceptional diligence in their school work, participation in a broad spectrum of activities but more importantly a clear stand and love for Jesus Christ and the ethos of the school. Their leadership skills are developed at their weekly meetings, during their leadership camps and at the Association of Christian Schools International workshops.

We believe in balanced development and our students are encouraged to allow their creativity to flow at our annual Entrepreneurs Day. Mixed in the equation is a car wash and polish, talent shows and stalls where they sell their wares and put their entrepreneur skills to the test.

We have equipped a number of our classes with data projectors. The use of tablets and cell phones for research purposes is encouraged as we believe that technology forms an integral part of preparing them for the work place or for further tertiary study.

It is always a sad time for us to bid our Grade 12 learners farewell, but this we do with confidence as our vision for them is to prepare learners through effective Christian living to be an influence in their community.


Rabboni Christian School Hostel is also known as BeitLechem which means “House of Bread”. It is situated on the farm adjacent to Rabboni Christian School in a lovely farm atmosphere. It is the vision of the hostel to be a “home away from home”.

The hostel serves students from the age of 12 to 18 or from Grade 6 to Grade 12. Students stay in shared dormitories ranging from 4 to 8 students per dorm depending on the age. There is currently space for 40 boys. Hostel times are from Sunday evenings 18.00 pm until Fridays 18.00 pm.

Students stay in for Friday evenings in the event of sport and depart on Saturday after the event. It is the believed of Rabboni that the home is the primary place of love and education therefore we request all students to go home during weekends so as to spend time with their families.

Three meals are provided for students every day. The students are allowed a one hour study period in the afternoons. The younger students study a further 1.5 hours in the evenings and the older students have a further 2.5 hours. All study times are invigilated by teachers from the school who reside in the hostel and who are on duty. Extra classes are available at school in the afternoons by specific subject teachers. Strict discipline is adhered to at all times and students are required to help with cleaning of their rooms, their bathrooms and the kitchen, as they would do at their homes.

There is a time of devotion, Bible reading and prayer every morning and all students are encouraged to pursue their relationship with God with evening devotions.

The home is overseen by a senior parent couple with 6 teachers supervising and 3 additional terrain staff.

For further information please contact the school at 012 250 2031.


We enrich the mind by developing different aspects of the learner. We achieve excellent results in the following:

  • Chess
  • Prayer Groups / Nights
  • Outreaches
  • Public Speaking
  • Art plays
  • Gospel evenings
  • Bible Readathon
  • Spellathon
  • Poetry
  • Choir
  • Camps


We believe that a healthy body must be developed to accommodate a healthy mind, therefore we provide:

  • Physical training
  • Athletics
  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Cricket


Rabboni Christian School follows the curriculum of the National Department of Education with sound Christian principles. Rabboni Christian School has a good relationship with the North West Department of Education.

English is the language of learning and instruction at Rabboni Christian School. Classes are small (not more than 20 learners per class) so that individual attention can be given to learners.

Foundation Phase (Gr. R - 3)


Classes are for 2 - 5 year-olds. Gr. R (readiness) is for the 6 year-olds, preparing them for school. The large, well-equipped playgrounds and classrooms are spacious and toddler friendly. Breakfast, lunch and tea time is included in the daily program.

Gr. 1 – 3

Numeracy, Literacy, Sport periods, Art and Culture periods and a compulsory Computer reading program all form part of this phase.

Intermediate and Senior Phase (Gr. 4-9)

The nine learning areas:
  • Languages (English, Afrikaans)
  • Art and Culture
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Natural Science
  • Technology
  • Social Science
  • Economics
  • Sport period
  • Management Science
  • Compulsory reading program and chess periods

Further Education and Training Phase (Gr. 10 - 12)

7 Seven subjects must be taken:
  • 1. English Home Language Compulsory
  • 2. Afrikaans First Additional Language Compulsory
  • 3. Life Orientation Compulsory
Select one of the following combinations
  • 4. Mathematics OR Math Literacy
  • 5. Physical Science OR Business Studies
  • 6. Life Science OR Economics OR Geography
  • 7. Accounting OR Tourism OR Computer Application Technology
  • This phase also have sport periods, Arts and Culture and Chess periods.


General Information

Management, Administration and Finances

The School Management consist of a Board of Directors. A non-profit trust was founded by the School Board. School fees compare favourably with other private schools. School fees increase gradually per phase. The school fees provide for the educational needs of the learner including all classes, textbooks and exercise books.


Private buses are running to and from Bapong, Bethanie, Brits, Damonsville, Maboloka, Mooinooi, Mothutlung, Segwelane and Sonop. Enquiries: Thari Transport Offices

School Hours

Summer and Winter hours are the same: 07h20 – 14h20

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